Many people find it difficult to train consistently, and thus they do not reach their fitness or health goals. HeartGo Pedelec is perfect for people who want to use e-bikes in a smart and safe way for either leisure or dedicated, controlled and comfortable training.

Outdoor training with HeartGo Pedelec is fun, whether alone or in groups, individually or supervised. Train in dedicated sessions or as part of everyday life, e.g. while using electromobility for commuting to work. All training sessions are fully documented, including the pedaling power. It has never been easier to strengthen your heart and circulatory system. During bad weather, use your e-bike indoors with a roller trainer.

Get a HeartGo Pedelec to start your journey towards a healthy and sustainable future.




  • Flexible heart rate (HR)-controlled training for safe cardiovascular strengthening
  • Real-time monitoring of vital signs, GPS and e-bike data, including pedaling power
  • Optional heart rate variability (HRV) or electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors
  • Pedaling power, HR and HRV are used to control training for optimal results
  • Easy data sharing with friends, trainers and doctors

Individual Outdoor Training

  • So much more fun than stationary, indoor ergometer training!
  • Safe and efficient cardiac rehab, in clinics and at home
  • Cardiac prevention for everybody
  • Efficient scoring to track progress
  • Individually adjustable training programs
  • Easy results review to boost motivation

Group Outdoor Training

  • The group dynamics boosts motivation
  • Our unique control algorithms enable people with different fitness levels, such as couples or members of heart disease exercise groups, to enjoy e-bike rides together
  • Trainers or therapists can easily assess their clients’ compliance and provide them with optimum support
  • Support for health studies through group analysis


„The system is basically designed perfectly and allows group-oriented training runs on the e-bike. This is really new and of innovative use!“

Prof. G. Hennersdorf
MD PhD, Cardiology Dept.
Clinical Leader of Herz Bike Saar

„The data obtained from the training are ideally suited to demonstrate and document the benefits of rehabilitation in cardiac groups.“

Helmut Röder
CEO of Herzgruppen Saar e.V.
Administrator of Herz Bike Saar