Health Sport with Plan and Safety

HeartGo develops products for health maintenance, recovery and performance enhancement through conscious living and physical activity. The smartphone is the intelligent companion that helps users achieve their health goals through its display and control capabilities.

HeartGo is currently focusing on platform development that combines pedelecs, smartphones, sensors and intelligent web services into products for medical applications, fitness and leisure.

Core Competencies

The core competencies of HeartGo are:

  • Development of smartphone applications
  • Monitoring and analysis of „health parameters „
  • Intelligent control algorithms
  • Server platforms
  • E-Bike Drive systems with control via Bluetooth
  • Application-specific e-bike Solutions for health and fitness
  • System integration

On this foundation, HeartGo offers a platform for connecting e-bikes, smartphones, sensors and intelligent web services. For our customers, we realize innovative apps as well as complete solutions for the health and fitness market, with a special focus on systems that strengthen the cardiovascular system. The „health parameters“ relevant for health maintenance and prevention are measured and evaluated. This makes individual coaching and training possible for the first time.